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The week that was: captured: 25/1/15

Out and about We actually managed to get out of the house this week! And I think we’re all over the jetlag too. Hooray! On Monday, we went swimming. I really want to get back into the habit of swimming at least once a week – we haven’t been nearly …


Making dinner in 3 easy steps when you’re on your own with a grumpy baby*

*Actual results may vary Babies are fickle creatures. For example, one might want dinner but scream bloody murder if you try to put her down to actually prepare the meal. This issue is, of course, exacerbated when you’re on your own – such as a Friday night when your other half has …


One Lovely Blog Award

Back in October (yes, October *hangs head in shame*), the wonderful Lisa from Mrs Savage Angel nominated me for the One Lovely Blogger Award. I was very flattered and was all set to write a post about it and nominate a few more bloggers for the honour  – but it turns out that …

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