So annoyed

I have to say, I think I’ve been pretty lucky so far. I’ve heard so many stories about strangers coming up to mothers and criticising them, or providing unsolicited advice. Every time I read about this happening, I think to myself, “Oh, if someone did that to me, I’d tell them where …

wicked wednesday topper

Wicked Wednesdays: 25/2/15

Baby jail. Day 169. My captors have proven to be reasonably kind, providing me with entertainment, sustenance and clothing. Lilleplut the tabby cat keeps me company most days, but I fear for the safety of the duck, Dandelion. It has been more than a week since my captors placed him in a …

wicked wednesday topper

Wicked Wednesdays: 11/2/15

Today, she found the basket of old bottle bits and made it very clear what she thinks of our attempts to switch over to sippy cups…   Like this:Like Loading…

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