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The week that was: captured: 23/11/14

Out and about On Sunday last week, we attempted to go ‘bear hunting’ – searching for Paddington statues in London. But Pumpkin was teething and in a terrible mood, plus it started raining, so our day got cut short after just four bears found. We made up for that yesterday, though, …


B&W photo project: week 9

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of Pumpkin’s first smile-caught-on-camera. Buuut, I’m not sure it was a ‘real’ smile. At least, she wasn’t smiling about any external stimulus. This, however, was the first picture of an actual smile that I caught on camera. She was about six weeks old and I was …


Blogging Secret Santas

Christmas is coming… Being American, I normally don’t acknowledge that fact until after Thanksgiving. Even after ten years living in the UK, that’s a rule I’m just too stubborn to break. But, for ten minutes while I write this post I’ll have to pretend that it’s after Thanksgiving. Because… well, …

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