7 reasons why I won’t follow you on Twitter

7 reasons why I won't follow you on Twitter

When I started building my Twitter following, I became an avid follow-backer. Now, I’m regretting that, as I have a Twitter feed that’s impossible to keep up with and no easy way of paring it down.

But, I have gotten more picky about who I follow. I almost always read a Twitter profile before I start following an account and I use that information, along with the first few tweets in the feed, to decide if I want hit the “follow” button.

So, why will I choose not to follow someone? Below, I’ve listed seven of my biggest reasons.

Of course, what works on Twitter is often subjective and these are my opinions.

But I do think social media experts agree with me on many of the points – so I’ve added a few links if you want to learn more about a particular issue.

(Oh, and sorry if this post seems a bit ranty. I’ll be back to my more positive self soon. Promise.)

1. Your bio is riddled with grammatical errors

I’m a grammar nerd. I may make the occasional mistake – nobody’s perfect – but if you can’t get things right for your tiny little Twitter bio, it doesn’t bode well for your tweets or blog.

7 reasons I won't follow you on Twitter

Here’s an article about why good grammar is important on social media.

2. You tweet in a language I can’t read

Thanks for the follow, foreign-language speaker. I really do appreciate it. And well done to you for being multilingual – that is certainly something I admire.

7 reasons I won't follow you on Twitter

The problem, is I don’t understand anything you’re saying and it’s just one more thing in my Twitter feed. Please, no hard feelings.

3. You use auto-reply

Automatic replies are annoying. But, to be honest, I can let most of them slide. While I’ve never used one myself, I see why you might think it’s a clever idea – at least at first.

7 reasons I won't follow you on Twitter

However, if you acknowledge in your auto-reply how annoying it can be, or if your auto-reply makes me register for something to prove I’m not a robot, then I’m reaching for the unfollow button.

But, please! Drop the auto replies! Here’s an article about why auto DMs are bad and what you could do instead.

4. You’re a brand that has nothing to do with me

Twitter is a great place to learn about new products, online shops and events. But, if you’re a motorcycle dealership in Quebec? I’m probably not going to follow you back. Mainly because the chances of me ever needing to buy a Harley while in the middle of French-Canada are exceedingly slim.

7 reasons I won't follow you on Twitter

5. I just don’t think we can be friends

I’m not expecting every person I follow to become my BFF, but if you seem fanatical about your political, social, spiritual or other views, I won’t be following you back.

7 reasons I won't follow you on Twitter

That doesn’t mean I won’t follow someone I don’t agree with. I’m open to hearing different opinions and taking part in friendly debate – but if you seem righteous about your thoughts on religion, civil rights, immigration, etc, your tweets are just going to make me angry – and I like to save that anger for reading the comments on the Daily Mail and YouTube.

Similarly, if you refer to yourself as a Yummy Mummy (or something equally obnoxious) in your profile, I won’t be following you back.

Good on you for thinking so highly of yourself, but this bugs me. A lot. Not because I’m not a ‘yummy mummy’ myself, but because this is the first thing you want to tell people about yourself.

7 reasons I won't follow you on Twitter

“Lost 80 pounds with Slimming World” is something I can totally get behind – that is an amazing accomplishment. “Fitness fanatic”- great! You work hard for your slim physique; maybe you can give me some pointers or inspiration. “Yummy mummy”? It’s cringey and I sincerely hope you’ve got something else going for you.

Here’s an article from Social Times about things you should avoid putting in your Twitter bio.

6. You tweet WAAAY too much

Being active on social media is great. But if I see you have just posted 50 times in the last hour, it’s a good indication that you’re just going to swamp my feed.

Slow down a little, maybe try scheduling your posts and focus on quality over quantity.

7 reasons I won't follow you on Twitter

How much is too much? Here’s an article about tweet frequency.

7. You post the same thing over and over

So, you wrote a blog post that you’re really proud of, and which you think everyone should read because it’s so fabulous. Well done.

But you wrote it last March and you’ve been posting it to your feed every day since.

7 reasons I won't follow you on Twitter

If I see the same thing coming up over and over again, it’s going to annoy me. And when I get annoyed, I unfollow. #Sorrynotsorry.

Here’s an article about minding your manners on Twitter.

So, what do you think? Am I too strict about who I follow back? What makes you reach for the unfollow button? Tell me in the comments below.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! I’ll probably follow you back 🙂 #cheeky

7 reasons why I won't follow you on Twitter

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15 Comments on "7 reasons why I won’t follow you on Twitter"

  1. I agree with everything you said…..I am more fussy about who I follow back now. I used to follow everyone back! You live and learn. I always tend not to follow people who just post links too….Boring. I do like to see a little chatter 🙂
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Our Weekly Meal Plan!! – #mealplanningmondayMy Profile

  2. Yes to all of this! Especially the old posts that reappear every 5 minutes. So irritating.

  3. I can’t keep up with Twitter at all. It makes me feel very very old even though I’m only 40! And I’m very picky about who I follow back too although I am a bit more forgiving on the grammar front than you are. 🙂
    Vickie recently posted…Happy scrapping – Today is the best day everMy Profile

  4. yeap, I’m nodding along – especially to automatic messages and swamping my timeline. I’ve recently taken a new approach to lists and created one for people’s tweets I want to read and interact with, so far it seems to be working. Now I’m off to check my Twitter profile and see if I’m following you etc 🙂
    Stephanie recently posted…The Stepping Stones walk at Box HillMy Profile

  5. That was way harsh Tai! No, well timed. Thanks for the reminder. It was on my list to update my profile which *ouch* included the words yummy mummy (in a humorous manner!) but no longer represents who I am and why I’m in the twitterland x
    Charlene recently posted…Moderate Mum’s Best of the Net 19/07/2015My Profile

  6. You’ve followed me now ‘yummy mummy’ has gone 😀 She speaks the truth!!
    Charlene recently posted…Moderate Mum’s Best of the Net 19/07/2015My Profile

  7. I’ll put my hands up and admit I landed here from your tweeted link, expecting this to be one of those obnoxious posts that also gets me unfollowing 😉
    I will say however I absolutely agree with the points you raised. I’m a huge fan of the mute button personally. I wish the options to mute on Facebook were as effective….actually I wish life had such an effective mute button! 😉
    Nice to tweet you! 🙂 < Yes that's naff but I couldn't resist!

  8. #8 -people who just RT competitions all the time!
    Yummyblogger recently posted…Baby W’s first pair of shoes from ClarksMy Profile

  9. You have to learn how to use Twitter Lists. It saves your life and you don’t need to watch your feed unless you want to. Having said that, I agree, I agree, I agree!
    Kristine @MumRevised recently posted…Just When You Thought Spending 2 Months With Kids is Brave…My Profile

  10. Great post. Your Twitter feed can be so overwhelming at times, it does make sense to cut the white noise! #effitfriday
    Random Musings recently posted…When Adults Run To The Teacher!My Profile

  11. Very funny post Shannon! I totally agree with you about the obnoxious bios and the rant-y religion or politics (Maybe I should put in my profile “if you’re voting for “The Donald”, it’s just not happening …”?!)
    Have you tried the list function on twitter? It’s not very user-friendly as you need to go into each account and add them individually (unless there’s a better way I haven’t found?), but it lets me group the bloggers and writers I know in a shorter feed so I can catch their updates and notices about linkies etc. without getting eye-strain! #effitfriday
    Jennifer {The Hollyhock Door} recently posted…What to say to someone whose child has a birthmark; Or, please engage brain before opening mouthMy Profile

  12. Yep, totally get this post. I do exactly the same as you before I follow back. I do admit to having used the odd ‘Yummy Mummy’ phrase lol. Infact I have a category dedicated to it, but my posts talk more about how I’m NOT a yummy Mummy so hopefully I don’t come across as obnoxious 😉
    Unhinged Mummy (aka Janine Woods) recently posted…Slimming World – Week TwoMy Profile

  13. I hate auto-DM. Drives me batty. I’ve only just started being picky I should have started a while ago it’s going to take a while to fix.

    Though you don’t want to follow me on a Friday 🙂

    Thanks for linking with #effitfriday
    Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks recently posted…The Wrong Viral MessageMy Profile

  14. Follow me dammit! I post good stuff. 🙂 lol I totally agree with most of these…I learned the hard way…I used to follow ANYONE and then I had a feed of constant feed of stuff like, “make a million dollars lying on the couch eating bonbons,” and “lose 195 pounds on this new ice cream diet”. Now I’ve been unfollowing quite a bit. FYI I do use and autoreply…but I like it..haha. don’t unfollow me! #effitFriday
    Jessie, FlusteredMom recently posted…2 Irritating Issues When Using Weebly Via BluehostMy Profile

  15. Nige Higgins | July 26, 2015 at 6:06 pm | Reply

    Totally agree,but we should all be allowed to use social media as we please and as you said just unfollow
    Thanks for sharing your post

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