Baby’s first trip to the beach

Baby's first trip to the beachBaby's first trip to the beach

Fort Stevens is an Oregon State Park at the northernmost part of the state’s coastline, near Astoria. Although my parents have lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than a decade now, I only recently heard about it – specifically its beach with the remains of a shipwreck from 1906.

Fort Stevens Oregon

The Peter Iredale ran aground in 1906

So, here are a few things I love to photograph: beaches, ships and old, rusty beat-up things.

Fort Stevens Oregon

The more rust the better, as far as I’m concerned… at least in photographs!

Since this beach featured all three in one handy package, I decided this was a place I needed to go – and being so near to my parents’ house, I figured it would be a great place for Pumpkin to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

Fort Stevens Oregon

Due to the region’s unpredictable weather, this region is known as the Graveyard of the Pacific – it’s beautiful on a clear day though!

However, with our next planned trip to the States being in the winter, I figured the excursion would have to wait a while. This area of coastline is no place for a baby in the winter!

Fort Stevens Oregon

My dad says the shipwreck looks pretty much the same as it did when he came here when he was younger

Of course, that all changed with my recent, unplanned visit to the US. So today, my parents and I decided to get away from it all for a few hours and take Baby to the beach for the first time.

Fort Stevens Oregon

Family selfie

Unfortunately, the only camera I have on this trip is the one on my phone – so the pictures aren’t as great as I’d like… but that just means we’ll have to come back some day!

View from Hwy 101

The view on the way to the State Park – looking West from Hwy 1010

Fort Stevens Oregon

I’ve rediscovered my love for my Hana wrap. Also, look at that cheeky little smile!

Fort Stevens Oregon

Mummy, baby and the Pacific Ocean

Fort Stevens Oregon

Pumpkin’s hair blowing in the wind gave us all a bit of a laugh

Fort Stevens Oregon

Apparently, much of the ship was sold for scrap in the 60s, which is why there isn’t more of it left

Fort Stevens Oregon

It was a sailing ship and what’s left of one of the masts is still visible

Fort Stevens Oregon

The ship’s captain made this final toast to the vessel: “May God bless you, and may your bones bleach in the sands.”

Fort Stevens Oregon

Pumpkin enjoyed feeling all the different textures

Fort Stevens Oregon

One last mummy-baby selfie

On our way home, we headed to the Pig ‘n’ Pancake in Astoria for dinner. Hubby and I always try to plan our trips to Astoria so we can have a meal there. So, even though he’s not with us this time, I figured we’d better stop there anyway. 🙂

Dinner at the Pig 'n' Pancake

She’s really beginning to figure out this whole high chair thing.

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  1. Love the photos of you and Pumpkin and G’ma and G’pa at the beach! I had to call them that at least once in a public forum. I’m hoping it goes viral!

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