Back to blogging: part one – what happened?

A few months ago, I took an unexpected break from blogging.

My workload at my “real” job had become unmanageable, I was feeling run-down, not eating properly, the house was a mess and I had a serious case of mummy-guilt.

One Saturday after a (tiny) bit of sobbing in the bedroom while Daddy-man and Pumpkin watched football, I realised that something had to change. I couldn’t stop doing laundry or making dinner and – as much as I’d like to – I couldn’t pack in my job. So, I decided to press pause on my blog.

back to blogging - so much laundry

Wait. Why can’t I just STOP doing laundry?

And that was that. I stopped posting. I kept meaning to take a few minutes to write a quick note about how I’d be back soon, or something like that. But it never happened. Life kept getting in the way. I also felt bad because I had stopped reading my favourite blogs (especially Tiny Footsteps, Mrs Savage Angel and A Pocketful of Dandelions – I’ve missed your posts, ladies, and reading about your kiddos).

For a few months, I basically didn’t think about blogging or tweeting at all – and it was a relief. My workload didn’t get any better and the house remained a disaster zone, but I was spending more time with Pumpkin and cooking proper meals again.

back to blogging - healthy cooking

Fake KFC – one of our favourite meals.

Then, in December, while I was helping Pumpkin make Christmas ornaments, I realised how much I missed sharing projects like that on my blog.

back to blogging - painting christmas ornaments

Little artist at work.

I took some photos while she crafted and thought about how I might write a post about her artistic endeavours. I also realised that two weeks into December was no time to start blogging again, and decided I’d re-launch on January 1st.

Then, a very serious family illness happened. Dealing with that scuppered my “New Year, new me” blogging plans, so February became my new target. Still close enough to the New Year, right? RIGHT?

back to blogging part 1

Sophie the Giraffe and Mr Tumble are always on hand to help.

So, here I am. February 1st and about to press publish. My other commitments haven’t lessened. In fact, right now, there’s even more pressure on me, as Daddy-man is travelling to Scotland at the weekends. That means I’m not getting any breaks. But I WANT to blog, so blog I shall.

back to blogging - messy living room

This is the cleanest the living room has been in months, but sod it. I have a blog post to write.

I’ll be changing the content of my blog a bit too – taking a step back from being strictly a mummy/parent blogger. But I’ll save that for my next post.

It’s good to be back!

Thanks for stopping by!

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8 Comments on "Back to blogging: part one – what happened?"

  1. And its good to HAVE you back sweetie. Blogging should only ever be (in my opinion) something you enjoy. If you don’t, then its time to stop. Well done for knowing what was right for you and your family. Can’t wait to read your new exciting posts (hooray for not just mummyblogging!). Oh and PS, your house doesn’t look unclean. It looks like a toddler lives there. There is a very real difference!
    Lisa Savage recently posted…Mrssavageangel Slimming World – Week 3My Profile

    • Ha ha! Thanks, Lisa. That shot of the living room was the cleanest spot in the house. I don’t even want to talk about the kitchen. 🙂 But, you’re right – blogging should be something to enjoy (especially since nobody’s paying me for it) and taking time off seems to be exactly what I needed.

  2. Good to see you doing what you enjoy. Hugs to Pumpkin.:-)

  3. Yay, I have missed your blog SO much.

    I’ve taken my blog offline for a while as I need to focus on looking after myself after a really tough few months. I’ll be back soon hopefully.

    In the meantime, I can’t wait to read your posts. 🙂

    Yay! Yay! Yay!

  4. Welcome back! It’s great to see you blogging again x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…A Bedroom Wishlist…My Profile

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